Your generous donation to Down with Dystonia will help fund communication and promotional efforts with the general public as well as with lawmakers, doctors, and high-profile advocates. It will also be pooled for use in supporting the diagnosis and treatment of dystonia patients and their families. The Down with Dystonia team welcomes donations in any denomination, as it is a verifiable sign of goodwill toward your fellow men and women. Thank you for your kindness, your time, and your consideration. Please contact us with any questions in regard to fund allocation or direction.

If you cannot donate using our online tool, below, you may mail a check made out to “Down with Dystonia” to the following address:

Down with Dystonia

ATTN: Donation Center

PO Box 881365

Los Angeles, CA 90009

Down with Dystonia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of California. Formal tax documentation, and an official thank you letter, will be mailed or emailed to every contributing party using the contact information provided.

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