Jim Yuransky

Arts Advisory Council

James Yuransky is a perceptive and versatile artist, business owner, and art educator based in San Diego. His uniquely developed style of art, Zedism, was born out of a need to recognize the purposefulness of design and to connect clients with their communities, creating shared stories.

Zedism is a term coined by Yuransky to comment on the changing relationship that exists between the material and virtual worlds that co-exist in society. His creative vision was actualized in 2006 when he founded the Zedism Gallery to showcase his unique works. Soon after, he opened the doors of Zedism School of Art, to educate the public and teach the style to other artists.

Yuransky was determined to follow his artistic destiny from the age of five when he showed a passion for creating through painting and drawing. Born in Detroit, MI and growing-up in Sarasota, FL, he developed Zedism in La Jolla, CA. He has continually honed his creative aspirations from these three important artistic centers.

He first pursued studies in science and engineering. Armed with a degree in Material Science and Engineering with a focus on ceramics, he engineered computer chips for the technology firm Kyocera.

Paintbrushes and pulleys are not the only instruments in Yuranky’s kit. He is also an entrepreneur, fusing art and business in his digital venture, Ego Id Media. Ego Id Media is a creative marketing, design, printing, and product manufacturing business operated online. As an artist in both material and digital realms, Yuransky uses more than a decade of industry experience to help others make design decisions with flair.

Yuransky also has a special interest in helping others through art. His work reflects his philosophy, ‘art equals life’.